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Tensioned Mobile Curtains

Tensioned Mobile Curtains

Industrial Curtains for large internal or external openings where wind loads, or positive/negative pressures are apparent, our Tensioned Mobile Curtains offer a very flexible solution.


A Tensioned Mobile Industrial Curtain System is a semi-permanent retractable screen, manufactured from Heavy duty Fire retardant PVC Coated fabric, secured in place using ratchets and straps; often used in warehouses, manufacturing areas and for enclosing external canopies.

Typical examples include:

  • Heavy Industrial Engineering works – tensioned mobile curtains can be used for the segregation of production areas where different manufacturing processes require a physical barriers but the scale of manufacture makes internal doorways unfeasible.
  • Manufacturing and Warehousing facilities where external canopies and loading bays require Weather resistant external screens so areas can be used as temporary storage whilst unloading from transit or awaiting loading.
  • Research and Development Centres where a section of a production area requires screening to keep help highly confidential designs and processes secret.

Union Industries Tensioned Mobile Curtains are bespoke designed for each individual opening and are available with a number of options, including; vision panels to allow light transmission and improve visibility, fire exit push out doors for large scale Tensioned Mobile Curtains, weighted hem options and high level Static Infills to fill any voids above the main partition.

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