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Fabric Enclosures

Fabric Enclosures

Bespoke fabric enclosures for dust/odour control, toxic containment and heat retention.


Installed to entirely seal off an area within an existing building for use as a cleanroom or contaminated area workspace, Union Industries’ Fabric Enclosures are made from fire retardant reinforced PVC Coated materials. They can either be suspended and tensioned from existing building steelwork or manufactured to fit over or within a frame to form fully enclosed structures.

Union Industries’ Fabric Enclosures are tailor made; British engineered, designed and manufactured with only the highest quality materials and techniques being used. As well as the fabrics being easily cleaned, the premium Precontraint® fabric provides greater dimensional stability and protection against pollution and abrasion than conventional PVC Coated Polyesters.

Used to prevent the spread of a whole range of contaminants, including solvent fumes, metal shavings, dust and other fine and airborne particulates, Fabric Enclosures are used in a broad variety of industries including Aircraft Maintenance, Advanced Composites, Engineering, Warehousing, Waste management and also Chemical and Nuclear Industries.

Decontamination Units:

For over 30 years Union Industries has been manufacturing enclosures and decontamination chambers for use in the military, nuclear, chemical and asbestos removal industries; taking all necessary measures to minimise any contamination to the surrounding environment and providing health and safety protection to users.

Union Industries scope of supply has included bespoke large stand-alone exoskeleton fabric structures, used as workshops with integrated decontamination chambers to prevent contamination of the surrounding buildings within the nuclear industry, and the Unicube™ - a portable three stage decontamination system, for personnel and preventing harmful pollution of the environment via access routes from contaminated areas, predominantly supplied for asbestos removal.

All Union Industries enclosures are individually designed and manufactured to customer requirements. High frequency welding techniques are used to create air tight seals on fabric seams and help maintain negative pressure environments regardless of enclosure size and access points to attach directly to a building doorways can also be included.

Additional features can include air locks for taking large items of equipment into and from enclosures, secure access points for the removal of contaminated equipment and electrical access points for tools and lighting, and water inlets and drains for showers in decontamination chambers.



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