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High Speed Door: 'The seriously tough Industrial Door for seriously tough locations'


Ramdoor™ - the rugged external rapid roller door with 'Crash-Out' facility, high quality Windbar systems, counterweight assisted opening, and heavy duty Ramhide door blade.

Our Ramdoor™ is known as the 'Big Daddy' of high speed doors, simply due to it's extremely robust construction, being made from heavy duty materials & components. Hence why it has achieved up to a Class 5 for wind resistance, meaning it is suitable for the most onerous of applications!

Choose from:

Ramdoor™ Plus:
For external locations with travelling single Windbar system on both face & reverse sides if required, or with multiple traveling Windbars for more exposed windy locations.
Maximum size: 7.0m wide x 7.0m high

Ramdoor™ Super:
Fast action door for extra large openings, with upgraded top roll, double column configuration, bigger bottom beam and larger diameter Windbar system.
Maximum width (to date): 9.0m wide. Maximum height (to date): 8.0m high.


Typical opening speed: 1.0m/s (variable).


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