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Rope & Twine

Rope & Twine

By the metre or by the roll? We have Ropes & Twines in a variety of types & sizes for both industrial & domestic use.

Rope & Twine

Union Industries stock a wide range of Competitively Priced Natural and Synthetic rope for industrial, leisure and domestic uses; available as full reels or as cut lengths to suit your requirements.

Just some of our ropes are listed below and if we dont stock a rope as standard, we can use our wide range of suppliers to obtain the rope you require.

Shock Cord:

Also known as bungee rope, this elasticated rope has countless uses. Ccommon uses include tieing down covers in haulage and fastening printed banners to strucures. It is also used in the leisure industry in sports such as trampolining and sailing. Available in a range of colours and diameters; we also supply a wide range of manufactured shock cord assemblies.

Barrier Ropes (Rope & Post)

Our range of barrier ropes include both natural looking ropes as well as a wide range of coloured ropes. Whilst 24 and 30mm are standard sizes, we are also able to supply a range of ropes in 36mm diameters complete with  end hooks in various colours - ideal for large outdoor locations and grand houses and castles.

Braided Cord

Manufactured from Viscose and Cotton, which can be effecively fire retardancy treated, Union Industries can supply a wide colour spectrum of cord suitable for decorative installations. Typically available to order in 4 - 6mm diameters subect to a minimum order quantity.


This high strength, low stretch rope has a large variety of uses. Sold a either a laid rope (3 strand) or a braided rope. Whilst available in a variety of colours, white and black are popular choices with the option of a matt finish. Available in diameters from 1.5 to 1mm.


A natural off-white fibre used in a wide variety of applications; this type of rope is often seen in decorative applications. Available as twine and rope up to 24mm diameter.

Manila Rope:

Available in 24 and 36mm diameters and usually supplied as cut lengths; frequently sold as a decorative garden decking rope. Being a natural rope, the ends will require whipping to prevent unravelling which we will happily carry out.

Synthetic 'Hemp'

A synthetic alternative to natural ropes; being an artificial fibre, the rope has a longer lifespan when used as an external decorative rope. Unlike the natural fibres, rope ends can be heat sealed. Available in diameters from 6 to 36mm and sold by the reel or metre.


An economical rope sold by the reel in a wide variety of thicknesses, usually a distinctive blue colour however we also stock this in white (marquee rope) and black. This economical rope has many uses including as draw cord, bailing twine, or for tying down in the construction industry. Available as twine and in diameters up to 24mm.

Rope Hardware

In addition to ropes, we stock a wide range of associated hardware including gin wheels, rope cleats, thimbles, carbine hooks, pulleys and decorative end hooks.

Yet our range does not stop at rope, we stock a range of speciality products including, Blind Cord (available as full reels or by the metre), Wenzel Waxed and Barbour Thread. If you require a specific rope which we do not stock, we are likely to be able to source the desired product through our network of manufacturers.



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