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Ratchet Straps, Lashings, Load Restraints, Slings and Strops

Ratchet Straps, Lashings, Load Restraints, Slings and Strops

If you need off the shelf or Bespoke Ratchets or Slings, then you've come to the right place!

Ratchet Straps

We stock a wide range of off the shelf Cam Straps, Ratchet Straps and Slings as well as manufacturing Bespoke Ratchet Straps. From 400kg light duty cam straps to 5000kg ,50mm Ratchets Strap Assemblies in a wide variety of lengths. We supply individually for private customers and bulk quantities for hauliers or other industries.

Cargo Lashings 

We hold a wide variety of Cargo Lashing straps for use in the haulage industry for top down lashing. These Cargo Lashing straps comply with BSEN 12195-2:2001.

Custom Ratchet and Webbing Straps

Should you have unique requirements for an individual end use, we manufacture to individual design and specification from a wide range of webbing, ratchet ratings and fitments which we hold in stock or can obtain from our suppliers extensive ranges.

One Way Lashing Systems

Our 'Unikey' One-way Lashing System is growing in popularity. This simple, low cost alternative offering savings of up to 60% compared to Ratchet Straps - ideal for anyone sending products and securing them in transit. Take a look HERE on YouTube to see just how quick & easy 'Unikey' is to use.


Being a manufacturer of Ratchet Straps provides us with a wide range of webbings for sale over the counter including:

  • 25mm Polyester Webbing (1500kg SWL)
  • 45mm Polyester Webbing (3000kg SWL)
  • 48mm Polyester Seatbelt Webbing (2500kg SWL)
  • 50mm Weldable Webbing

For information or a quotation, contact our General Trading Department or visit our Trade Counter in Hunslet, Leeds - Directions can be found through the contacts tab.




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